To Our Valued Members:

After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation, Tanner Electric Cooperative's Board of Directors has approved a rate increase of 8%, applied to the kW/kWh energy charge to Tariff LCS-3 (Large Commercial Service). The rate adjustment will go into effect beginning on February 1, 2024 billing for January usage. You can view the 2024 Tariff/Rate Schedules under the Member Service section of our website.
Tanner rates remain competitive or below surrounding utilities despite the higher cost of serving lower-density areas. Increased inflation, costs for materials, labor, regulations, and other services continue to rise for our cooperative. As a not-for-profit cooperative, the rates we charge cover only the costs associated with providing reliable power and maintaining financial stability.
Your electric bill is greatly affected by how much power you use, for which you have ultimate control. Tanner Electric Cooperative offers a number of options to help manage your power bill, including energy efficiency programs. To learn more about reducing energy usage, visit the Energy Savings section on our website or call us at (425) 888-0623.