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Net Metering

Net Metering & Renewable Incentive Payment Program

Tanner Electric Cooperative currently makes Net Metering available to its members under the provision of Washington's State's RCW 80.60

Net metering is a low-cost, easily administered method for utilities to encourage member investment in renewable energy technologies. Net metering enables members to use their own generation to offset their consumption over a billing period. This is accomplished by allowing their electric meters to turn backwards when they generate electricity in excess of their demand.

The Renewable Incentive Payment Program establishes a renewable energy production incentive with financial payments for certain renewable generating resources. Members with renewable on-site power systems certified by the WSU energy program can earn various per kilowatt-hour (kWh) incentive payments for metered generation. The individual incentive payments will be larger if the renewable energy equipment is manufactured in Washington State. There is a cap of $5,000 annually per household.

These programs are currently available to residential customers who receive electrical service directly from Tanner Electric Cooperative. You must install and interconnect an eligible generating system not exceeding 100 kilowatts. The generating system must be located on your premises and be interconnected to Tanner Electric Cooperative’s electrical system. All required documentation (application, contract, building permits, and certification, etc.) must be completed and written approval received from Tanner Electric Cooperative prior to interconnecting your generating system to Tanner’s electrical grid.

To view Tanner’s “Net Metering & Renewable Resource Interconnection Agreement” and to find out more about the Renewable Incentive Payment Program requirements, click on the attachments below. Adobe download

Net Metering Application
Net Metering Checklist
Interconnect Agreement
WA State Renewable Energy Program

Certificate of Completion

Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Annual Generation Report (kWh)

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