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Clean or replace filters on furnaces once a month or as needed.

Use the energy-saving cycle on your dishwasher and only wash full loads.

Access your daily power usage, pay your bill or report an outage with the SmartHub App. Download SmartHub for free at iTunes or Google Play Store

Electrical Rates

Rate Schedules Effective January 1, 2017

Bills will be mailed to you monthly and calculated in the following manner:

Monthly Customer Service Charge
Monthly Customer Service Charge – Anderson Island
All Energy per kWh at
*Monthly Bills are also Subject to a Power Cost Adjustment
Monthly Customer Service Charge
Single Phase
Three Phase
Energy per kWh (First 20,000 kWh)
Energy per kWh (After 20,000 kWh)
Demand per kW* (First 40 kW)
No Charge
Demand per kW* (After 40 kW)
*Subject to Power Factor Adjustment  
Security Lighting  
40W LED per Month
70W LED per Month
Utility Taxes  
State Utility Tax on Energy Sales
City of North Bend Tax on Energy Sales
Service Charges Effective June 2014  
Account Charge for Transfer of Services
Temporary Meter Fee
Service Call for Re-Connect
(8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays)
After Hours Re-Connect
Return Check Fee
Late Fee
5% of Bill
*A deposit may be required on new service accounts  
Calculating Your Bill  
Current Meter Reading
Previous Meter Reading
kWh Usage
Charge per kWh
x $0.0998
Total Energy Charge
Monthly Customer Service Charge (North Bend/Ames Lake)
+ $27.02
Total Electric Charge
40W LED Light
+ $9.00
Total Utility Bill Amount
If you live within the City of North Bend, you must also multiply the Total Utility Charges by the City of North Bend Tax of 6% to arrive at your Total Utility Bill
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